Fresh Mulching Protects & Shapes Your Louisville Landscaping


If you want an easy way to beautify your Louisville landscaping and help promote healthy vegetation growth, Burch Lawn Care's mulching services are perfect for the task! A well-installed mulch bed is both an attractive addition to your property and an asset to protect the health of your shrubs and flowers.

Since Burch Lawn Care opened for business in 2013, we've strived to be one the best, most reliable providers of lawn care for Louisville and its surrounding communities. When people come to us for mulching services, they know they're getting the best, because we interject our quality and experience into everything we do. Whether you need brand-new mulch beds or are looking for someone to replenish your old ones, we'd be glad to help!

If you need marvelous mulching in Louisville, Burch Lawn Care is here to help! Call us for a free, no-obligation mulching quote today at 502-797-6358.

New Mulch Installation Performed By Landscaping Pros

Fresh new mulch makes a huge difference to your landscaping beds, both visually and practically. Not only is it an instant curb appeal booster, but it also helps protect your plant life by retaining moisture and regulating temperature to avoid heat and cold extremes from impacting your roots. You can easily customize your mulch by color and material to get the exact look you're going for, which also complements the health and growth of your vegetation.

Our mulching experts can help design and fill new beds, as well as replace decayed mulch with fresh new material to keep pre-existing landscaping beds in good shape. It's easy, attractive, and efficient- a perfect way to refine your landscapes!

Easy, Stress-Free Weed Control

One of the many benefits of mulch is that it helps curtail weed growth in your landscaping beds. However, sometimes mulch alone isn't enough to keep those weeds at bay. If that's the case, get in touch with us and ask about our weed control service. Through manual removal and herbicidal treatments, we can wipe out unwanted weed growth and keep them from coming back with a vengeance!

Frequently Asked Mulching Questions

When it comes to topping off and replenishing old, decayed mulch beds, once a year is typically considered the ideal frequency. The best time of year to do it is usually late winter through early spring to insulate growing plants from cold during the winter and keep them protected from the heat once summer comes!

For most common types of vegetation like shrubs and flowers, a mulch base thickness of about 2-3 inches is ideal for proper insulation, moisture retention, and protection.