Louisville Shrub Trimming To Keep Your Landscaping Neat

Shrub Trimming

When your shrubs start to grow unruly, who are you gonna call? How about Louisville's best shrub trimming pros at Burch Lawn Care? Since 2013, we've been providing top-tier lawn care for Louisville locals, including professional shrub trimming to keep our customers' landscaping neat and attractive!

Regular shrub trimming keeps your vegetation from growing out of control, makes it easier to maintain, and gives your landscape an instant curb appeal boost- perfectly manicured hedges are an eye-catcher, after all. Our pros take the time and care to sculpt shrubs into perfect shapes to beautifully complement the rest of your landscaping and your property overall!

For expert shrub trimming handled with care, give Burch Lawn Care a call! Contact us at 502-797-6358, and ask us about a free, no-obligation estimate for our shrub trimming service today.

Hedge Trimming By Lawn Care Pros

Shrub trimming is an important service that requires precision, knowledge, and care. Improperly cutting back hedges can potentially harm the health of your shrubs, negatively impact their visual appearance, and make it harder for them to grow properly.

When you hire a qualified lawn care professional to take care of your hedges, you can count on service that's informed by professionalism and experience. We know how to safely trim shrubs in a way that promotes health and good growth while giving you that trim, manicured look you're going for!

Comprehensive Lawn Care Services For Louisville

At Burch Lawn Care, we do far more than just trim hedges. We offer numerous lawn care and landscaping services to simplify outdoor maintenance for our customers without skimping on quality and appearance. Just a few of the services we currently offer include:

From big jobs to small ones, residential homes to commercial properties, we handle it all. If you need superb lawn care service in the Louisville area, Burch Lawn Care is here to help!

Frequently Asked Shrub Trimming Questions

You certainly can, but if you want to ensure the best results, it's always a good idea to turn to the experts. Experienced landscapers know how to carefully shape and trim shrubs in a way that cleans up their appearance without negatively impacting the growth or overall health of your plants. Besides, hedge trimming equipment can be pretty dangerous- it's not worth the risk! Our equipment allows us to complete hedge trimming jobs precisely and safely, making sure that you get the best results.

The ideal season for trimming depends a lot on the specific type of shrub, but we generally advise against shrub trimming between October through December. That's because fresh cuts can leave your shrubs susceptible to frost damage when the weather gets cold. Beyond that, shrub trimming can be done throughout most of the year!