Protect Your Yard With Weed Management

Weed Control

Weeds- the bane of an otherwise lovely yard. Don't let weeds take over your landscaping: when you need fast and effective weed control in Louisville, you need Burch Lawn Care! Our hard-working lawn care professionals are masters of weed control. When unwanted plants threaten your lawn's look and health, we strike back with a vengeance.

Burch Lawn Care has dependably provided superb lawn care for Louisville locals since 2013. Weed control is just one part of the comprehensive lawn care and landscaping services we offer to maintain beautiful properties for our clients. If your landscaping is at stake because of invasive weeds, we'll take care of the problem fast. Call Burch Lawn Care today at 502-797-6358, and ask about a free, no-obligation quote for our weed control service!

Protect Your Yard With Weed Management

Unsightly weeds popping up in your uniform lawn can be a real eyesore, especially when you're going for that pristine, manicured look. Unfortunately, the downsides of a weed problem are more than just aesthetic. If left unchecked, weeds can start to choke out your grass, depriving it of space, water, and nutrients. Weeds also tend to produce lots of seeds and spread quickly, becoming a self-sustaining nuisance.

That's why good weed control is proactive and thorough. Depending on the type of weed and the extent of the growth, we use manual removal, chemical treatments, or both to keep weeds in check. Protect your yard and keep it looking lovely with our expert assistance!

Great Mulch Beds For Easier Weed Control

One simple way you can mitigate weed growth in your landscaping is by mulching your flower and landscaping beds. Among other practical benefits, mulch makes it hard for weeds to germinate and take root, protecting your plants and keeping your landscaping attractive. If you need brand-new mulch beds or want help replenishing old decayed ones, our mulching pros are here to help!

Frequently Asked Weed Control Questions

We often utilize herbicides for weed control, as well as pre-emergent treatments to prevent weeds from taking root in your lawn to begin with. We understand that not everybody is comfortable with the use of chemical herbicides and pre-emergents. We always strive to use the safest options for our customers, and we can go over the types of treatments we recommend for your particular weed control issues so that you can make an informed decision.

Instead of waiting for weeds to appear before taking care of them, landscapers will get the jump on weeds by treating lawns with a pre-emergent. A pre-emergent is a special chemical treatment applied to lawns before weeds get the chance to germinate. Pre-emergents are usually targeted to combat specific types of weeds, especially ones that are particularly tough to remove after germination like crabgrass. If you'd be interested in a pre-emergent treatment for your lawn, give us a call!