Best Lawn Care Company Serving Clifton

Clifton, KY

Your Clifton home or business deserves good lawn care service to help it look superb all year long, and Burch Lawn Care is here to deliver it to you! Our hard-working team of lawn care professionals puts their all into helping Clifton locals maintain stellar-looking landscaping through rain, snow, and sun!

Since 2013, we've served Clifton and its surrounding communities with an extensive lineup of great landscaping and lawn care services like mulching, weed control, and leaf removal. While we can help with both one-time jobs and recurring services like lawn mowing, we don't make our customers sign long-term contracts with us, so there's never any pressure to commit to anything more than you're comfortable with. We're flexible, and we put our clients' needs first!

Through winter, spring, summer, or fall, our hard-working crew can do it all. If you're ready to get great landscaping service done on your Clifton property, call Burch Lawn Care today at 502-797-6358. We look forward to working with you!

Pristine And Reliable Lawn Care In Clifton

Any homeowner with a lawn can appreciate the need to keep it healthy and maintained, but doing so requires a lot of hands-on work that not everyone has the time or energy for. The good news is, that you can have a spotless, manicured lawn without breaking a sweat when you've got Burch Lawn Care on hand to help!

Our team can help with all of your lawn care needs like mowing, lawn maintenance, and leaf removal. We offer seasonal landscaping clean-up jobs, and can even help with pest removal thanks to our mosquito control service. We offer our lawn care services at affordable prices, so you don't have to break the bank to get great landscaping. Our team is here to help!

Mulching For Magnificent Properties In Clifton

Need new mulch beds for your shrubs? Have old, decayed mulch that needs to be switched out for the fresh stuff? When it comes to quick, clean mulch installation, our crew excels. We'll have your mulch beds fresh and full in no time so that your landscaping can look magnificent and your plants can thrive. For all things mulch, call us today!

About Clifton

Nestled in the heart of Kentucky, Clifton charms visitors with its picturesque landscapes and a quaint, tight-knit community atmosphere. The neighborhood is renowned for its lush greenery, highlighted by Clifton Park, a popular local spot for recreational activities and community gatherings. Prominent buildings, such as the historic Clifton Center, add a touch of architectural elegance to the area.

As experts in the region, Burch Lawn Care understands the specific needs of Clifton's landscapes, offering tailored lawn care services that cater to the unique characteristics of this charming community. Give your property a well-deserved landscaping glow-up with the help of Burch Lawn Care today!