Professional Ice and Snow Removal

Snow & Ice Removal

Keeping your landscaping safe can become tricky when cold winter weather rolls around. When temps drop in Louisville and things start to freeze over, Burch Lawn Care's snow & ice removal service will ensure your landscaping is safe all season long!

Anyone who's had the displeasure of spending a whole day shoveling snow knows what a hassle snow & ice removal can be. Still, it's an important part of maintaining your property during the winter. Driveways and walkways have to be cleared and de-iced so you and your family can navigate your property safely. However, just because snow & ice removal has to be done, doesn't mean you've gotta be the one to do it!

Let Burch Lawn Care's landscaping pros handle your ice & snow removal woes. We've consistently provided lawn care for Louisville locals, as well as specialized seasonal landscaping services like snow & ice removal to maintain local landscapes all year round. If you're ready to get rid of unwanted snow and ice, give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote at 502-797-6358.

Pros Managing Ice & Snow

Whether it's snow blocking up your driveway or ice making your sidewalks treacherous to walk on, winter weather can be a hassle to deal with. That's why we offer our services to Louisville-area locals when temperatures seriously start to drop!

Our staff are pros at managing ice and snow, whether it's shoveling out walkways and driveways, de-icing concrete, or preventing ice from building up in dangerous areas. We'll do the heavy lifting to keep your landscaping safe this winter, so you can enjoy the results of our work in peace!

Seasonal Clean-Ups For Great Landscaping Year-Round

When snow and sleet come to town, the weather will often bring down other debris like dead branches and any remaining leaves that haven't yet fallen. In addition to general snow and ice management, we can also help clear up winter debris as needed to keep your landscape safe, attractive, and free of hazards.

From spring clean-ups and fall wrap-ups, we also offer specialized spring/fall clean up services, tailored to the types of seasonal maintenance most yards need, along with leaf removal to haul away fallen foliage. When you want your landscaping trim and tidy all year round, Burch Lawn Care's got your back!

Frequently Asked Snow & Ice Removal Questions

Generally, you should take care of snow build-up as soon as the snow has stopped falling. This minimizes any potential inconveniences and helps keep snow from icing over on your walkways and driveways. Some HOAs may even require you to clean up snow on your property within a specific time period, so it's always a good idea to get it taken care of ASAP!

When ice forms over your walkways, it makes the surface slippery, which greatly increases the risk of you or someone else slipping and falling on the hard pavement. We use deicing compounds that melt the preexisting ice and discourage it from re-forming, so your walkways will stay safe even during frigid winter weather!