Spring/Fall Clean Up For Properties In Lousiville That Look Great All Year Long

Spring/Fall Clean Up

Louisville locals need great lawn care every season of the year, which is why Burch Lawn Care offers specialized spring/fall clean up services! Great lawn care is more than just lawn mowing and leaf removal; it's about meeting your landscape's specific needs to ensure it's getting the proper care and maintenance during every season of the year. Whether it's for freshening up your yard after a long winter or squaring away your landscaping in the autumn, our spring/fall clean up services are perfect for seasonal maintenance!

Burch Lawn Care is dedicated to providing the best lawn care for Louisville locals, as we have done year after year since opening for business in 2013. Seasonal clean-up services like our spring/fall clean ups ensure our customers get everything they need to whip their yards into perfect shape, no matter what month of the year it is. If you'd like to request a free spring/fall clean up estimate, give us a call today at 502-797-6358!

Seasonal Lawn Clean-Up

"Spring cleaning" has become a catch-all term for general tidying up after the winter months; but when it involves landscaping, it usually entails specific services. A lot of times you'll find fallen leaves, branches, and other debris left over on your lawn after the winter months. Spring is also a good time to take care of shrub trimming, tidying up or replenishing mulch beds, and taking care of weeds as they pop up- it's a lot of work!

Fall clean-ups are important, too. Leaf clean-ups are a huge part of that, but they can also help to trim back perennials and grass before the winter to keep the plants in ideal condition. Getting all of that out of the way before winter comes makes landscape cleaning and maintenance easier when spring rolls around again. Whatever your lawn needs to help it thrive through the upcoming seasons, we're here to provide it!

Leaf Removal For Clean Lawns All Autumn Long

Leaf removal is a big seasonal clean-up job all on its own when autumn comes around. Those leaves just keep on coming and coming, especially if you have a lot of foliage over your property. Cleaning all of those leaves up yourself can be a major hassle- but it doesn't have to be. That's when you call the leaf removal pros at Burch Lawn Care instead!

We use equipment like leaf blowers and leaf vacuums to quickly remove large amounts of leaves from cluttered landscapes. Because of our equipment, we can quickly perform leaf removal services on properties of all sizes, from small city lots to large, heavily forested landscapes! If those leaves are starting to pile up outside, it's time to give us a call.

Frequently Asked Spring/Fall Clean Up Questions

What aspects of your landscaping need the most management? Many of our clients have a lot of winter debris left over on their lawns come spring, so that's usually one of the first things we clean up. For some shrubs, trimming in the spring is ideal. Mulch often decays over winter, so if you have landscape beds, it's often a great time to replenish them. The great thing about our seasonal clean-up jobs is that they can be uniquely tailored to every property!

For most properties, it'll be leaf removal, especially on properties with heavy foliage. We also remove other yard waste that comes down during the season, such as fallen limbs and sticks. The cleaner your lawn is before winter comes, the easier it'll be to whip it back into shape by spring!