Get A Pest-Free Lawn In Louisville With Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Nothing takes the fun out of enjoying a warm summer evening outside quite like being swarmed by annoying mosquitos. If mosquitos have invaded your Louisville landscaping, let Burch Lawn Care show them who's boss with our mosquito control service. When mosquitos come out to play, we hit back hard!

Our mosquito control service will send unwanted bloodsuckers packing so you can take back your lawn and enjoy the great outdoors that surround your home. We've strived to consistently provide top-tier landscaping service and lawn care for Louisville locals since 2013, and oftentimes, that means going far beyond just mowing and weeding.

With our mosquito control service, you can be confident knowing that your lawn is free of obnoxious, dangerous pests, so you can get back to enjoying those warm summer evenings to their fullest. Take the next step and call Burch Lawn Care for a free mosquito removal quote today at 502-797-6358!

Mosquito Elimination

A mosquito infestation can be a pervasive problem, requiring hands-on management. A few stray mosquitos every once in a while doesn't necessarily mean that your whole yard is compromised, but if it becomes clear that your landscaping has a mosquito problem, you need mosquito control to eliminate the infestation.

By keeping your landscaping tidy and treating your lawn with mosquito-killing treatments, we can wipe out mosquito infestations quickly and keep them from coming back! Mosquito treatment can also help with flea and tick control, so don't tolerate those insect invaders any longer- let our experts rescue your lawn today!

Clean Landscapes For Mosquito Control

While some infestations require chemical treatments for total elimination, the condition of your landscaping can be crucial in either encouraging or discouraging mosquito infestations. Yard debris and overgrown landscapes provide mosquitos with excellent coverage to hide out and breed. The cleaner your landscaping, the fewer mosquitos are likely to be attracted to it.

To that end, we offer services like leaf removal, brush removal, and shrub trimming to haul away yard debris, keep overgrowth in check, and curate a space that's friendly to humans and pests but hostile to mosquitos. In addition to helping with your insect problems, it's also just a great way to keep your vegetation healthy and attractive!

Frequently Asked Mosquito Control Questions

In many cases yes, we will use pesticides to eliminate a pervasive mosquito problem. That said, we appreciate that many of our customers are apprehensive about having their landscaping chemically treated. We utilize pyrethroid treatments that are reasonably safe and break down soon after application. However, if you're still uncertain or have any additional questions about our mosquito treatments, contact us with your concerns so we can address them in more detail.

During the spring and summer when mosquitos are at their most active, a mosquito treatment once every 3 weeks is advisable. That said, we know that regimen doesn't work for everyone, so if you need to follow an alternative schedule, we'll work with you on it!

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