Superb Lawn Care Services In Shively

Shively, KY

At Burch Lawn Care, we've been cultivating lush lawns and perfecting stunning landscapes with our expert lawn care services right here in Shively since 2013. We've got Shively locals' lawn care needs covered all year long, from snow & ice removal in the dead of winter to perfectly manicured lawn mowing in the summertime.

Well-liked, highly rated, and proudly serving both snug residential lawns and large commercial spaces in Shively, we believe in affordability, transparency, and no long-term contracts to tie you down. You can count on us to be punctual, professional, and accommodating to your particular landscaping needs- customer satisfaction always comes first for us. Ready to transform your Shively outdoor spaces into a pristine green haven? Reach out to Burch Lawn Care at 502-797-6358, and discover the quality of service that's made us a Shively favorite for more than a decade!

Spectacular Lawn Care For Shively Locals

Burch Lawn Care is your shortcut to a pristine lawn and stress-free weekends. Our top-notch lawn maintenance guarantees a healthier, pest-resistant yard, giving you the gift of outdoor tranquility and lush, green grass. With our expert fertilization and aeration, your grass will grow healthier than ever.

We're not just mowing lawns; we're curating a professional, manicured look for your lawn that elevates your curb appeal. Burch Lawn Care is all about making your Shively home the envy of the block without breaking the bank. Get in touch to find out what we can do for your Shively landscaping today!

Perfecting Shively Landscapes With Top-Quality Mulching

If you want to boost the look of your landscaping while simplifying its maintenance, you should consider the benefits of mulching! Beyond great aesthetics that complement your landscaping, mulch plays a crucial role in protecting your plants- shielding plant roots from temperature extremes, discouraging weed growth, and retaining essential moisture for healthy roots.

Our professional mulch services not only enhance the visual appeal of your garden but ensure the longevity and well-being of your plants. Affordable, protective, and visually pleasing, Burch Lawn Care's mulch services can take your yard to the next level. If you need help installing brand-new mulch beds or have old decayed mulch that you want to replenish, we're here to help!

About Shively

Located in western Louisville, Shively is known for its friendly atmosphere and local landmarks like Shively Park. The neighborhood's charm extends to its well-maintained residential areas and community-centric vibe.

For residents of Shively seeking to elevate the beauty of their outdoor spaces, Burch Lawn Care ensures Shively's lawns reflect the neighborhood's vibrant spirit and well-cared-for landscapes. Transform your Shively home or business with us, and contact Burch Lawn Care today for our professional lawn care and landscaping services!