Lawn Mowing For Easy Louisville Yard Maintenance


Mowing is one of the quintessential aspects of lawn care, but not every homeowner has the time, tools, or energy to take care of it themselves. That's why Burch Lawn Care is here to help Louisville locals with all of their lawn mowing needs! When the grass starts growing, we get going, making sure that all of our customers have their lush lawns perfectly manicured and maintained all season long.

Mowing, lawn maintenance, and other lawn care services are the lifeblood of what we do here at Burch Lawn Care. Our commitment to excellence is part of why we've been considered a trusted source of superb lawn care for Louisville locals since 2013. We take great pride in masterfully mowing lawns to keep them lush, trim, and wonderfully maintained.

If you've got mowing on the mind, we're here to help. To enquire more about our services, request a free no-obligation quote, or plan your ideal lawn mowing regimen, call Burch Lawn Care today at 502-797-6358!

Grass Cutting: One-Time & Reoccuring Lawn Cutting

One of the reasons our clients value us so much is because we're incredibly accommodating to their lawn care needs. Just need a one-time trim to get your yard back in shape? No problem. Want a dependable, punctual lawn care expert to help you with ongoing lawn mowing service? We're in business. Either way, we tailor our service to your needs, without you having to sign onto any long-term contracts to do so.

From Summer Into Fall- Keeping Lawns Clean With Leaf Removal

Lawn mowing starts to become unnecessary once the seasons change and temperatures start to drop- but that doesn't mean we're done with lawn care! The leaves that fall over your yard can clutter up your landscaping and choke out your lawn, leading to decaying debris and potentially making it difficult for grass to grow come spring. Don't worry, though- we specialize in efficient and thorough leaf removal to keep your yard clutter-free, healthy, and attractive all year long!

Frequently Asked Mowing Questions

During your grass's active growing season, we generally recommend mowing on a weekly basis. Frequent lawn cutting is ideal for maintaining healthy growth and simplifying lawn maintenance, and once per week is usually right in the "sweet spot" in terms of frequency. That said, we understand that weekly lawn mowing isn't a viable option for everyone, so we can accommodate customers who prefer bi-weekly mowing as well!

While the exact ideal "start" time for lawn mowing season depends a lot on the type of grass your lawn has, lawn mowing season generally starts sometime in the spring and continues through summer. Most grasses found in Kentucky lawns grow dormant when the temperature drops, so mowing can usually cease during the fall and winter. We can recommend the ideal seasonal regimen for your lawn based on the type of grass that you have!