Go-To Lawn Care Services In Fern Creek

Fern Creek, KY

Want to make your Fern Creek home or business look fantastic with first-rate lawn care services? If so, consider Burch Lawn Care as your go-to lawn care crew. With a long, comprehensive list of lawn care and landscaping services, our hard-working team will go the extra mile to make your Fern Creek landscaping look spectacular!

With more than a decade of trustworthy service and experience in the Fern Creek area, Burch Lawn Care has served many locals with all their landscaping needs, from basic lawn care and lawn maintenance to more complex landscaping work and clean-up jobs. With no long-term contracts, free estimates for all our services, and affordable rates for our work, you can feel confident hiring us for any of your landscaping needs.

For Fern Creek homes and businesses alike, Burch Lawn Care is here to help! If you're interested in our services, get in touch and request a free lawn care quote today at 502-797-6358.

A Trusted Lawn Care Team for Fern Creek

Want to take the stress out of maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn? Ready to get your lazy summer weekends back? Craving a pristine cut that gives your lawn those stunning, manicured stripes? Our crew is here for you to cover each and every one of your lawn care needs. Whether it's basic maintenance like weekly/bi-weekly mowings or specialty landscaping service like mosquito control, we'll handle your lawn care so you can kick back and take pride in your stunning, professionally maintained landscaping!

Professional Mulching Services for Fern Creek Properties

Fresh, professionally-installed mulch can greatly amp up your curb appeal while keeping your plants healthy and strong. At Burch Lawn Care, we install new mulch and replenish old, worn-out beds for clients who want to keep their landscaping at its best. If you need any mulching services in Fern Creek, contact us today!

About Fern Creek

Situated on the outskirts of Louisville, Fern Creek offers a suburban retreat with its family-friendly neighborhoods and proximity to Bernheim Forest. The area boasts the charm of McNeely Lake Park, providing recreational activities and serene natural surroundings.

For Fern Creek residents seeking to enhance the beauty of their outdoor spaces, Burch Lawn Care stands as a trusted partner. Transform your property with cutting-edge landscaping services - call us today at 502-797-6358 to schedule premium lawn care tailored to Fern Creek's unique environment.