Protecting Your Landscaping From Mosquitos

Protecting Your Landscaping From Mosquitos

Is there any bigger buzzkill on a nice summer evening than a swarm of mosquitoes biting you all over? Mosquitos are incessant, leave painful bites, and can even carry dangerous diseases. Bug spray and citronella candles can ward off mosquitos to a certain point, but if your landscaping is infested with mosquitos, you need a more decisive way to combat them.

If things get bad enough, you may need to have a mosquito control expert spray your yard to wipe out the infestation completely. However, you may be able to discourage mosquito infestations before they even become an issue by curating your landscape to discourage pesky invaders!

Add Mosquito-Repelling Plants To Your Landscaping

Many plants have natural mosquito-repelling properties that can ward off invasive insects without the use of chemical pesticides. Citronella grass is an obvious choice, but did you know that many common landscaping plants like bee balm, germaniums, and lemon thyme are also naturally mosquito repellent? If you're thinking of incorporating some new shrubs or flowers into your landscape, consider adding a few mosquito-repellent plants to serve as all-natural pest control.

Keep Your Landscaping Clear Of Brush And Debris

Mosquitos, as well as other unwanted insects, have an affinity for dirty yards. Overgrown brush and yard debris can act as a windbreak for mosquitos and also serve as shelter for them to breed and grow. If thick piles of leaves or heavy brush are left on your property, you may be potentially inviting a mosquito invasion. Clearing brush, leaves, and other debris out of your yard makes the space much less inviting to obnoxious bugs.

Drain Any Standing Water

Mosquitos lay their eggs in still, standing water- which is a big reason why mosquitos are so common in areas like marshes and swamps. Standing water in your landscaping is a breeding ground for mosquitos, and should always be drained as soon as possible. Check any pots or planters for standing water, as well as drainage ditches or any other places where water can collect. If parts of your landscaping drain slowly and leave standing water in your yard, consider taking appropriate measures to improve your drainage system.

Consult A Trusted Lawn Care Expert For More

As an experienced lawn care crew, Burch Lawn Care has helped mitigate pest problems for many of our customers' yards. We do offer dedicated mosquito control services, but we also perform other work like brush and leaf removal that can naturally decrease your yard's chances of developing a mosquito problem without using pesticides. If you want to transform your yard into a hospitable, wholesome place that sends pests packing, our lawn care experts can help.

For mosquito control, brush removal, leaf removal, and more, contact Louisville's landscaping pros at Burch Lawn Care! We look forward to elevating your yard into an inviting, pleasant space. Call us and request a free, no-obligation quote for any of our services at 502-797-6358.